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    Varifocal Megapxl. Lens 5-50mm

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    Ernitec GA5V50NA-1/3MP 0006-00252
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  • Caractéristiques
    • 50 mm setting for semi-covert surveillance operations
    • Achieves the needed close up
    • Compact and light
    Sharp, detailed images with extensive field of view
    At its lowest focal length, the Varifocal Megapixel Lens 5-50 mm offers a traditional surveillance camera view. As the focal length is increased, the lens offers a more narrow angle of view and thereby increases the magnifying capabilities of the lens. The 50 mm setting is used when it is not possible to place the camera close enough to the object, due to natural obstacles or for semi-covert surveillance operations.

    Compatible cameras
    The Varifocal Megapixel Lens 5-50 mm is recommended for use with the AXIS 211M and AXIS P1344 Network Camera.

    Marque : AXIS
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    Référence de l'article : 5502-221
    Code EAN : 7331021025660
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